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Latest amendments to the Czech Labour code

The amendment No. 281/2023 Coll. introduce new significant obligations to employers applicable for some since 1 October 2023 and for others from 1 January 2024.

Among other things, the Labour code is amended in the following fields:

Changes in the employer’s information obligation
  • Additional information to be provided in writing by the employer to employees (employment contracts) and workers (agreements on work outside the employment relationship): Within 7 calendar days following the commencement of work to comply with the obligation to inform the employee about the content (rights and obligations) of the employment relationship. With no delay, but no later than the day when a change related to the content of the employment relationship takes effect, except if it is a change in legislation or collective agreements

  • In certain well-defined cases, it will be possible to replace the written information with a reference to a collective agreement or an internal regulation

  • Conditions of posting abroad (business trips exceeding 4 consecutive calendar weeks)

  • Possible information in electronic form

Easier electronic signing, communication,and delivery

  • Electronic conclusion of employment contracts and other agreements

  • Electronic communication and delivery

Work from home (Home-office / telework)

  • Possibility to terminate this agreement for any or no reason with a 15-day notice period

  • Optional flat rate compensation per hour

  • Obligation for the employers to provide reasons in writing in case of refusal to allow home-office to employees providing care

Agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship:
Agreement to complete a job (“DPP”)
and Agreement to perform work (“DPČ”)

  • Obligation to schedule working hours

  • Similar holidays entitlement than under an employment relationship (from 1.1.2024)

  • Possibility for a worker to request employment under certain conditions

  • Obligation to provide reasons in writing for giving notice and not agreeing to employment at the worker’s request

Parental leave

  • Employee’s obligation to submit a written request for parental leave at least 30 days before its start date

  • The request must specify the required duration of parental leave and may be made repeatedly

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